Other Library Catalogs

Boston Public Library
As a resident of Massachusetts, you are eligible to access the Boston Public Library's (BPL) electronic resources. Apply for a card online (linked here), set up your account, and then log in to access a wealth of knowledge. Link through the BPL to open more content in GoogleScholar and to access JSTOR.

This is your public library catalog. To borrow items, you must acquire a library card (free!) from your public library; you must apply in person.

World Cat
WorldCat is a global library catalog that allows users to view what is published (and where located) on a given topic. You may not borrow items from WorldCat, but you will gain a sense of what has been published on your research topic. If you see an item you would like to use, please contact Ms. Kennedy; she may be able to borrow the item for you via inter-library loan.