* We welcome new students and help in any way we can to make the transition period comfortable and happy.
* We are continually available to both students and parents as the school year progresses.
* We monitor the progress of all students during the year and will call, write, or e-mail parents if a conference is needed.

Please feel free to e-mail us if questions or concerns arise about a schedule, career, or college planning, or about social/emotional well-being. [email protected]

Counselor Assignments
 2022/2023 Tara Romeo  Pamela Murray 
Seniors A-K L-Z
Juniors A-K L-Z
Sophomores A-J K-Z
Freshman after 1st semester A-K L-Z

Freshmen 1st semester:  Dave Hilfinger

Middle School 6th-8th:  Dave Hilfinger